As al lawyer my job is to find and provide solutions together with my clients for their challenges. I do that on the basis of a broad experience, not only as a lawyer, but also as an entrepreneur and ‘human being’; with the expertise build up in 25 years in a relevant practice. And that is a nice thing to do.

I consider our profession as a ‘craft’. Legal representation is so much more than just providing services. Doing that I aim to be innovative with respect to focus, approach (link to p. approach) and compensation. I – together with my colleague Mr. R. Leuyerink – never back away from a challenge, as long as I can use my expertise, experience and network for the benefit of my clients. Whether it regards a cooperation between enterprises or professionals, the drafting of agreements, the acquisition or development of property, in Germany and the Netherlands, the acquisition of a business, the collection of a claim or just an issue with respect to a labor- or lease agreement. Or a dispute between you as professional, entrepreneur or businessman with one of the many authorities in this country.